Bri Seeley partners with TEDC to coach small businesses

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Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (aka TEDC Creative Capital) is partnering with one of Google’s top ranked entrepreneur coaches, Bri Seeley, to give technical assistance to several TEDC micro loan borrowers.

“We want to provide intense business development assistance to borrowers who are starting-up or expanding their business,” says TEDC. “Access to wrap-around services is sometimes the difference maker between success and mediocrity. We want TEDC clients to have a toolbox of support that helps them grow impactful companies, build wealth, and create economic momentum for Tulsa. Bri will help us achieve these outcomes.”

Bri Seeley

Seeley plans to take five businesses through a 90 day sprint of inner and outer business development.

“I do a combination of entrepreneurial development and business strategy,” Seeley said. 

“How I help people build businesses is from the inside out. If you want to have a successful business on the outside, you have to be a really strong entrepreneur on the inside. A combination of personal development and entrepreneurial development can be a common combination of mindset, habits, actions, confidence, like courage. Then I do a whole business assessment, who their clientele is, what their product is, what their revenue streams are, and we really figure out what is going to be the best strategy and the best action steps forward to help them.”

Coaching Strategy

Seeley’s work has helped entrepreneurs to double, and sometimes triple their revenue in a short period of time. Her business has run internationally for eight years. One of her clients in Tulsa with a speech language pathology business was able to triple her revenue by expanding outside of Oklahoma.

“With her being a virtual business she could serve anyone, anywhere in the country,” Seeley said. “What we ended up doing was she had her contract here in Oklahoma, which I think was netting her around $40,000 a month, and she basically tripled her operations over the course of 90 days because she got a contract both in Texas and in Arkansas. Essentially, she was able to graduate up into a seven figure business just with that.”

Seeley worked with that business owner a lot on back end operations to keep her business growing without creating more work for her. 

“We didn’t want to make it so that she was gonna burn out,” Seeley said. “We wanted to make it so that we tripled the operations without her putting in 20 more hours.”

Seeley aims to cover multiple aspects of business with each owner, but there are three main things each entrepreneur will be coached on during the 90-day-sprint.

“I think the three main pillars would be the revenue streams, their client demographics, and then their marketing and communications,” Seeley said. “What I have found is most women underprice themselves significantly. This is literally a conversation I have multiple times a week with female business owners.”

Female-led Entrepreneurship 

Seeley has services worldwide and has a TED talk, “From Wages to Wealth: The Future of the Female Workforce,” that explores the idea of what’s next for women’s work in the age of the Great Resignation and beyond. She believes that a more just and equitable world is possible today through entrepreneurship.

“I fell in love with entrepreneurship and seeing the possibility that we as women have to create economic opportunities for ourselves that are unlimited,” Seeley said. “I always say I don’t want to have the wage gap conversation. I don’t want to have the glass ceiling conversation. I want us to get out of those systems, and build new systems where those things don’t even exist, and I firmly believe that entrepreneurship is that road.”

About TEDC Creative Capital 

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