A small business in a struggling community faces many challenges. If you want to provide valuable services to your community through your business and offer jobs to those in need, but you aren’t eligible for traditional loans, consider a general small business loan.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development lends money to TEDC Creative Capital, which we then lend to hard-working small business owners, startups, and entrepreneurs who are making Tulsa an even better place to live.

For this loan, we look for businesses who develop or improve services for Tulsans and who create or upgrade local infrastructure. These loans not only benefit your business, but they serve your community, provide jobs, and boost Tulsa’s economy.

A general small business loan from TEDC Creative Capital provides qualifying small businesses up to $75,000. By offering this loan, we partner with you to improve our community, and you get to provide a job to one of our neighbors for every $35,000 borrowed. If your startup or small business demonstrates a significant need for further funding, you could receive additional funds and be able to offer more employment opportunities.

When you get a general small business loan, you can use the money for just about any business expense, aside from a home mortgage.

You may be eligible for a general small business loan from TEDC Creative Capital even if you don’t meet traditional lender requirements, and we’ll customize the terms of the loan based on your specific situation.

Together, we can grow your business and invest in Tulsa with a general small business loan. Contact us now to find out if you qualify.

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