SBA 504

10-year fixed: 4.762%
20-year fixed: 4.880%*
25-year fixed: 4.962%**


Rates on SBA 504 loans are pegged to an increment above the market rate for five- and ten-year U.S. Treasury issues and are fixed. Current rates are shown above for 20 and 25 year debentures. (10 year debentures are priced every other month. The January 2023 effective rate and refinance rate were 6.166 and 6.289, respectively.)

Fees for loan packaging, application, consulting and other services may also apply; these vary depending on the type and term of the loan. Fee details are provided to the borrower prior to application or closing. In many cases, fees can be built into the loan request.

* January 2023 last sale. Effective rate with fees = 6.054 for regular program and 6.067 for refinance program.

**January 2023 last sale. Effective rate with fees = 6.089 for regular program and 6.103 for refinance program.

On most TEDC working capital loans, interest is tied to the Prime Rate, which is subject to change at any time. Borrowers may be required to pay an application fee of $35 at the beginning of the loan application process.