TEDC Client Littleton Legal awarded best business person by BA Chamber

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In February at their annual awards gala, the Broken Arrow Chamber awarded 16 local businesses and leaders including TEDC client Brittany Littleton of Littleton Legal PLLC for Business-Person of the Year.

“We really appreciate the support of organizations like the Broken Arrow Chamber and the TEDC in creating an environment that’s business friendly, and being intentional about providing resources to set people up for success,” Littleton said. 

“I highly recommend my colleagues and other business owners to get involved in their community and in the organizations that are intended to support business owners. The chance to develop your business comes naturally when you show up in those spaces, and is a really rewarding and fulfilling way to run a business.”

Littleton Legal officially began in April of 2015, but officially launched in January of 2016 from 36 Degrees North. Littleton Legal PLLC specializes in business law, estate planning, elder law, and probate & trust administration. 

“We’re very intentional about showing up in our community and being a resource, even for people that we don’t do business with, one of our core values is education, and so we try to share information that is helpful,” Littleton said. 

“I believe strongly that when you have those legal needs met, that it builds foundations for strong families and strong businesses, and that that in turn helps communities be stronger. So I like to think that the award was recognition of our efforts in that area.”

TEDC Creative Capital SBA Micro Loan

Littleton became a first time borrower with TEDC Creative Capital in 2023 with a micro loan to help build out new office space. 

“My business has grown a lot since I started, we’re now three attorneys and seven admin employees, and I went through the microloan program to help shore up cash flow while we were both growing our team and building out new office space to fit our growing team,” Littleton said.

TEDC is a microloan intermediary of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Through this partnership, TEDC borrows money from the SBA for the purpose of relending to Oklahoma startups and small businesses. TEDC’s average microloan is $12,000 with a maximum of $50,000. The interest rate is below market. Microloans must be repaid within six years. Technical and management assistance is an integral part of the microloan program. 

“The benefit of the micro loan program is knowing that you have community support to grow your business. This helps you be more confident and take those risks,” Littleton said. 

“When you feel like you’re supported by your community, it encourages you to give back to the community and that in turn, helps us generate new business because we show up to support other new business owners as a way to give back.”

Littleton Legal Awarded by Broken Arrow Chamber 

This is not the first time the Broken Arrow Chamber has awarded Littleton. She was given the Chairman’s Award last year for serving on the board and serving as general counsel for the chamber. It is an award from the chairman of the board that acknowledges someone who has served in an exemplary way the previous year. This year was different and she went through a more rigorous vetting process to receive Best Business-Person of the Year.

“Once you’re nominated, you go through an application process with letters of recommendation and then it goes to a committee of other business owners in the community,” Littleton said. “Knowing the rigorous selection process made it more of an honor. We were nominated with several friends and colleagues who are very deserving of the award as well, and so it was nice to be in such good company.”

TEDC congratulates Littleton on her award and looks forward to watching the firm achieve further success.

“We are actively trying to create jobs in the community and to invest in our employees and create an environment that we hope is a model for allowing people to have work-life balance whilst maintaining excellence in their professional standards and goals,” Littleton said. “And we value showing up in our community as volunteers.”

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