Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Fund

Growing your business and community

The Retail Revitalization Revolving Loan Fund (RRRLF) is a source of financing focused along and in proximity to the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line of Tulsa Transit and other specified areas identified by the city of Tulsa's 2018 Retail Market Study and Strategy. Existing companies and startup businesses planning to occupy, build, or purchase commercial space are eligible to apply. Loans are offered through a partnership between the City of Tulsa, PartnerTulsa, and TEDC.


The development of projects for new and existing businesses is key to ensuring the success of the BRT System, investment in commercial properties, and the creation of successful and thriving retail businesses in Retail Revitalization Corridors. Commercial development and new businesses along the BRT routes and Retail Revitalization Corridors will encourage ridership, expand the City of Tulsa's tax base, and create vibrant commercial centers accessible to all Tulsans.



Rapid Transit

Important Loan Details

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    Maximum Loan Amount of $200,000

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    Final Approval by PartnerTulsa

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    0% Interest Rate

Other Lending Options to Consider

SBA 504 Loan

The SBA 504 loan is a long-term, fixed-rate loan that can help your small business make a large purchase like land, buildings, and long-life equipment.



A microloan is exactly what it sounds like: a small loan from TEDC Creative Capital. You have the freedom to use these funds for any business-related expense, except to purchase real estate.