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Joanna Oxford shaking hands with Leroux’s Kitchen owners

Loan Closing: Leroux’s Kitchen

Leroux’s Kitchen is a Louisiana style food service that gives back and is now in Mother Road Market with the help of TEDC

Bri Seeley

Bri Seeley partners with TEDC to coach small businesses

Bri Seeley is one of Google’s top ranked business consultants and is partnering with TEDC to give technical assistance to women owned small businesses.

commercial building

Get into the Game: Commercial Real Estate in Tulsa

If you’re considering investing in commercial real estate in Tulsa but don’t have the capital to get started, it’s worth exploring the programs available through TEDC Creative Capital. We provide education and resources to help potential real estate developers pursue their goals to reach success in the Tulsa real estate market.

TEDC Creative Capital Series Commercial Real Estate in Tulsa

Ep. 1: Commercial Real Estate in Tulsa – Creative Capital Series

TEDC Creative Capital presents the Creative Capital Series, sharing the stories of local entrepreneurs who’ve benefited from our lending programs and services. In our first episode, entrepreneur and author Corey Carolina of Rise and Develop, LLC shares his journey to becoming a commercial real estate investor while building generational wealth.

TEDC Creative Capital Series Premieres in April

Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (aka TEDC Creative Capital) will premiere its new Creative Capital Series on April 4th, telling the story of commercial real estate in Tulsa and building generational wealth in the first episode.

Headshot of Gil Eacret

Board Feature: Gil Eacret

Gil Eacret is the SVP for Security Bank and sits on the TEDC loan committee

Person sitting next to a chalkboard sign with special pricing listed

Creating an Effective Pricing Strategy for a Small Business

As a small business owner, it’s important to carefully consider what pricing model you will use to ensure you are maximizing your profits.

Two business women writing in note pads and smiling at each other

The 7 Stages of a Business Life Cycle and How to Win in Each One

Knowing what stage you’re in and where your focus should be can give you the keys to success and where you need to grow as a leader.

Headshot of Joyce McClellan

Board Feature: Dr. Joyce McClellan

Chief Development and Diversity Officer at Tulsa Tech Joyce McClellan has served on TEDC’s board for over a decade

Small business owner smiling and holding a tablet

Solving Cash Flow Problems and Growth in Small Businesses

Growth is an exciting time for many small businesses, but it can also be an extremely stressful experience for entrepreneurs.