Serving People Through Wellness: Maintain You Spa’s Journey to Entrepreneurship with the Help of TEDC Creative Capital

Claudette Wallace smiling outside of Maintain You Spa

If someone had told Claudette Wallace that she would one day open her own business in the heart of midtown Tulsa, she wouldn’t have believed it. As the owner of Maintain You Spa, located in the Southroads Shopping Center, Claudette loves pursuing her entrepreneurial journey with the help of mentors and financing through TEDC Creative Capital. But it wasn’t always that way. Growing up, she didn’t have a concept of what work really meant. She had to learn it through determination and faith.

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Connecting Communities with Threads of Love: How Hilo de Amor Is Giving Back with Help from TEDC Creative Capital

Esther Wright, owner of Hilo de Amor

For Esther Wright, owner of Hilo de Amor, every business has a heart. For her, that’s a heart to help others—especially the people of Oaxaca, Mexico, where she was raised. By promoting Oaxacan culture and traditions to people all over the world through original handmade products, including their signature tote bags, Hilo de Amor is able to help makers in one of the poorest states in Mexico prosper. The business is thriving and making a difference—with a helping hand of financing and education available through TEDC Creative Capital.

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Custom Candle Fun: How Wick & Flame Launched a Unique Experience with the Help of TEDC Creative Capital

Wick and Flame Owners

Inspired by a fun opportunity to make candles while on vacation, Basia Lopez and Trevor Liston were ready to launch their own business and find their place in the Tulsa community they’d moved to. With the help of TEDC Creative Capital, they honed in on their unique concept— a personalized candle-making bar for adults—developed a clear business plan and opened to great success in the Tulsa Arts District.

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