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The 7 Stages of a Business Life Cycle and How to Win in Each One

December 27, 2022

The 7 stages of a business life cycle are conception, start-up, the early stage, growth, rapid growth, the maturing stage, and innovate or decline. If you want your small business to succeed, you must understand how each stage works and what to do during those stages to win. Let’s look at the seven stages of a business life cycle and how to make the most of them.

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Solving Cash Flow Problems and Growth in Small Businesses

December 12, 2022

Growth is an exciting time for many small businesses, but it can also be an extremely stressful experience for entrepreneurs. Cash flow can become an issue during rapid growth if demands are coming faster than the rate of your current inventory, systems, staff or account balances.
It’s possible to get ahead of the problem if you catch it early so you can fund the growth of your business. Let’s look at cash flow management, common cash flow problems and growth in small businesses and what to do if you find yourself dealing with negative cash flow.

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Letter From Tulsa County Commissioners

December 14, 2020
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City, TEDC Launch Resilience and Recovery Fund; Zero Interest Loans Offered to Businesses Affected by COVID-19

April 1, 2020

In partnership with Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC), the City of Tulsa is dedicating $1.1 million in funds for zero interest loans to provide financial assistance to small business owners and entrepreneurs affected by COVID-19.

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Disaster Recovery Loans

Disaster Relief Loans for Businesses

March 18, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt businesses of all sizes, the U.S. Small Business Administration is taking steps to offer designated states and territories an opportunity to obtain low-interest, disaster relief loans to mitigate substantial economic injury that may occur.

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TEDC Event

Forward Program for Entrepreneurs

March 20, 2019

Ready to start or expand your business?

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