Mortar Tusla

Be a part of MORTAR launching in Tulsa!

We are excited to announce TEDC will host two cohorts of historically marginalized entrepreneurs and provide access to the resources needed to start & run a successful business.


Cohort 1 begins July 7, 2021

Cohort 2 begins September 1, 2021


Cohort 1 Application Closes May 25, 2021

Interviews are Rolling

Commitment:  15 weeks

Cost:  $295


Taking Notes

Program Details

At this time, MORTAR Tulsa is only accepting FOR-PROFIT entrepreneurs and businesses. The goal is to launch businesses that create jobs and circulate dollars locally. Check out what this program has to offer.


·      Culturally competent curriculum and materials
·      Cohort model for driven entrepreneurs to support each other
·      Weekly one-on-one mentorship to provide guidance throughout the course
·      Opportunity to pitch your idea in front of potential investors, community
·      leaders, and customers
·      Business support and brand development strategies


Although no two classes are the same, here is a typical week-by-week outline.


·      “Putting in Work” outside of class
·      Guest speakers
·      Weekly meetings with mentors
·      Activities
·      Videos
·      Reflection
·      Celebrating success & learning from failure


Week by week:

·      Orientation
·      Weeks 1-5: Foundations
·      Weeks 6-10: The Core
·      Weeks 11-15: Real