Mortar Tusla

TEDC is excited to announce that we will host new cohorts of MORTAR Tulsa in 2022 for historically marginalized entrepreneurs, providing access to the resources needed to start and run a successful business.


Cohort 3 coming Spring of 2022!


Commitment:  15 weeks

Course Value: $2500

Cost to You:  $295*

Payment due at start of academy.

* Scholarships Available


Program Details

At this time, MORTAR Tulsa is only accepting FOR-PROFIT entrepreneurs and businesses. The goal is to launch businesses that create jobs and circulate dollars locally.

Check out what this program has to offer:

·      Culturally competent curriculum and materials
·      Cohort model for driven entrepreneurs to support each other
·      Weekly one-on-one mentorship throughout the course
·      Opportunity to pitch your idea in front of potential investors,                     community leaders, and customers
·      Business support and brand development strategies

Each week is designed to introduce new concepts while building onto the foundation of the previous by using the following structure:


·      “Putting in Work” outside of class
·      Guest speakers
·      Activities
·      Videos
·      Reflection
·      Celebrating success & learning from failure

For more information contact: