Board Feature: Gil Eacret

Gil Eacret is the Senior Vice President of Security Bank and has served on TEDC’s board for nearly 10 years.

“TEDC is just such a great organization, not only for the marquee projects with their assistance with the grocery store, the Shoppes on Peoria, and lots of other projects in town that they’ve been a key player in putting together but also the people that no one knows about,” Eacret said.  

“TEDC is a great lending opportunity for people that may just be getting started that may not have exactly what it takes to go to a conventional bank setting. TEDC provides them with a lot of education instead of just saying ‘okay, here’s your loan.’ They really coach a lot of their clients. It’s just a great overall organization from a very small project to a very large project.”

Eacret also serves on the board at Security Bank, where he has been for almost 20 years, and his day-to-day consists of being a commercial lender.

“I do anything from small car loans to large real estate deals and everything in between,” Eacret said. “Lending is my primary responsibility.”

Eacret is on the TEDC board’s loan committee, where his role is similar to that at the bank, approving loans. However, there are extra steps he says TEDC has that go above and beyond just giving out money.

“It’s still lending to businesses, but the TEDC mission is more varied,” Eacret said. “It’s not just a lending job, it’s community development. They are so involved in the community lending to small businesses and I’ve really enjoyed the people I’ve met.”

The process of approving a loan and watching the outcome of growth for each business that is approved is one of Eacret’s favorite parts about serving his community.

“Whether it’s in my job here or my capacity at TEDC, it’s always thrilling to see businesses get a loan after seeing all the effort they put into it with their heart and soul,” Eacret said. “A lot of times, this is their baby and you go from seeing the infancy of it to them succeeding. It is always a joy to see people succeed at their dreams in life.”

About TEDC Creative Capital

TEDC Creative Capital (aka TEDC) is a community development financial institution (CDFI) providing progressive lending to promising start-ups and growing businesses. TEDC builds equitable economic prosperity by helping small companies operate more successfully, create jobs, and advance communities! Loans range from $500 to $10 million.

Visit or call 918-585-8332 for more information on loan and entrepreneurial education programs! If you’re not a business owner but want to explore ownership, please contact TEDC! If you know someone who may need TEDC assistance, please share this story!