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Creative Capital Series highlights commercial real estate in Tulsa and building generational wealth in Tulsa

Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (aka TEDC Creative Capital) will premiere its new Creative Capital Series on April 4th, telling the story of commercial real estate in Tulsa and building generational wealth in the first episode. Corey Carolina, a serial entrepreneur and developer, sets the tone of the series by telling us about his journey and what he accomplished through TEDC’s Creative Capital.
TEDC Creative Capital wants to be the first choice for entrepreneurs who need capital and technical assistance. Through loans and educational programs, TEDC Creative Capital’s mission is to create economic vitality in communities by encouraging small business growth.

The series shares the experiences of borrowers, business program participants, board members, staff, and more. The first episode, sponsored by PartnerTulsa, features estate planning and business law attorney Brittany Littleton, founder of Littleton Legal PLLC. She discusses how building a strong legal foundation for your business is essential to long-term, multi-generational success. Matt King, President of TEDC Creative Capital’s Board and CEO of King Architectural Solutions, discusses critical considerations when purchasing a commercial property for your business.

Meet real experts in Tulsa who have experienced the great opportunities TEDC Creative Capital offers for start-ups and established businesses. This series educates future loan applicants and provides awareness of economic opportunities in Tulsa.


TEDC Creative Capital (aka TEDC) is a community development financial institution (CDFI) providing progressive lending to promising start-ups and growing businesses. TEDC builds equitable economic prosperity by helping small companies operate more successfully, create jobs, and advance communities! Loans range from $500 to $10 million. Visit the TEDC website or call 918-585-8332 for more information on loan and entrepreneurial education programs!


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