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Design of Greenwood Entrepreneurship at Moton (GEM)

[PRESS RELEASE] TEDC Kicks Off Remodel of Historic Moton Hospital

TEDC Creative Capital held a Demolition Ceremony this past Wednesday, August 2nd, to begin dismantling the 1970s addition to the historic Moton Hospital. This ceremony launched the restoration of the original 1931 structure that served Tulsa’s African American community after the 1921 Race Massacre. At GEM, TEDC will support new and existing small business owners who desire to engage with a resource hub curated with and for them.

Brittany Littleton holding her BA Chamber award in front of Tulsa to BA painting

TEDC Client Littleton Legal awarded best business person by BA Chamber

The Broken Arrow Chamber awarded TEDC Clien Littleton Legal PLLC with best business person of the year.

TEDC CEO Rose Washington-Jones presents Cassia Carr with Board of Directors Plaque

Get to know Cassia Carr past President, TEDC Board of Directors 

Cassia Carr, strong leader with law and business background, served as TEDC Board Chair and discusses her legacy.

May Yang stands inside of Flash Flood Print Studios in front of their merch section

Flash Flood Print Studios uses TEDC loan to increase productivity

Flash Flood Print Studios uses TEDC loan to increase productivity

Headshot of TEDC 2023 Board Chair, Matt King

Get to know TEDC 2023 Board Chair, Matt King

Learn all about TEDC’s new board chair, Matt King and his work with architectural services