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Carlos Lopez, owner of District Burger

Expanding the Dinner Table: How TEDC Helped District Burger Launch Its First Location

Carlos Lopez, owner of restaurants Dos Bandidos and District Burger, knows the value of finding the right niche in the food industry. His dream to expand his business and serve delicious, locally sourced burgers has led him to a successful launch in Broken Arrow—with the help of nontraditional funding through TEDC Creative Capital.

Seed Technologies Website and Software Development

When the Shoe Fits: Seed Technologies Finds the Right Major Asset Loan through TEDC

Jennifer Jones knows what it’s like to grow a small business in spite of the unexpected. As President and CEO of Seed Technologies, a software development and online marketing firm, she has experienced the roller-coaster ride involved in building up a company.

Wick and Flame Owners

Custom Candle Fun: How Wick & Flame Launched a Unique Experience with the Help of TEDC Creative Capital

Inspired by a fun opportunity to make candles while on vacation, Basia Lopez and Trevor Liston were ready to launch their own business and find their place in the Tulsa community they’d moved to. With the help of TEDC Creative Capital, they honed in on their unique concept— a personalized candle-making bar for adults—developed a clear business plan and opened to great success in the Tulsa Arts District.

TJ Woodberry, Owner of Poppi’s Spa & Lounge

Scrappy Self-Care Dreams: How Non-Traditional Financing Helped Poppi’s Spa & Lounge Expand and Revitalize

With a passion for pursuing entrepreneurial success that was born in her teens, TJ Woodberry has launched several businesses over the years. Her latest venture, the luxurious Poppi’s Spa & Lounge in downtown Tulsa, highlights her simple yet powerful belief that everyone deserves a place to relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with themselves.

Whitney McCrory sitting at Legacy Childhood Education Centers

Going Above and Beyond for Children: How TEDC Helped Family-Owned Legacy Childhood Education Centers Thrive Under New Owners

Whitney and Mac McCrory, owners of Legacy Childhood Education Centers, took the bold step of embarking on the joys of buying and building a business—along with all the challenges that come with it. It’s a dream that wouldn’t have become a reality without financial help through TEDC Creative Capital.

LeRoux’s Kitchen co-owners Renauld Porter & Gabriela Castañeda

Creole Cooking and Community Connections: How LeRoux’s Kitchen Landed a Coveted Spot at Mother Road Market with Business Lessons and Lending from TEDC Creative Capital

Co-owners Renauld Porter and Gabriela Castañeda will tell you, their winning recipe for success is built on persistence, passion, taking hold of opportunities, and fostering strategic relationships with entrepreneurial supporters like TEDC Creative Capital.

People at a table analyzing business data

9 Ways to Expand Your Business with Business Expansion Loans

If you’re a small business owner, you know the process of expanding a business can be both exhilarating and challenging. It offers the potential for growth, profitability, and industry dominance, but it also involves considerable risks and uncertainties.

May Yang Flash Flood Print Studios

[Press Release] Business Expansion Loans: A Golden Ticket to Scaling a Business

Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (a.k.a TEDC Creative Capital) will release the newest episode of their Creative Capital Series on November 14, sharing how business expansion loans can help in a variety of scaling efforts, including increasing production, acquiring equipment or moving into a more fitting location, as featured borrower, May Yang of Flash Flood Print Studios did.

Two people sitting at a desk signing a business loan

8 Tips for Getting Quick Business Loans with TEDC Creative Capital

Whether you need to purchase inventory, pay for new equipment, or hire employees, getting the money you need to make it happen can be a long and sometimes tedious process. The average small business loan process takes 30 to 90 days, but that timeframe can be shortened or lengthened depending on how prepared you are.

Tony and Emily Galvez

[Press Release] The Power of Partnerships and Quick Business Loans

TEDC’s Creative Capital Series highlights the power of partnerships, preparing for the loan process, and finding the perfect location for your business in the release of  their third episode.